Dr. Fara Grimsrud

Dr. Grimsrud

Dr. Fara Grimsrud had the perfect childhood for an animal lover. Apart from helping to raise the family pets (dogs, cat, hamsters and every once and a while — an injured bird needing rehab), she was raised in Crystal River, Florida; a place where she could spend her childhood swimming with manatees, teaching wild ducks to eat out of her hand and watching the alligators sun themselves (from a safe distance).

After receiving her BS in Zoology from the University of Florida, Dr. Grimsrud chose to attend veterinary school at NC State. She has many professional interests but, in particular: internal medicine, preventative care, dermatology and immunology.

Since graduation from veterinary school in 2004, she has spent most of her professional career in the Chicago area before returning to her adopted home state, North Carolina. She lives in Cary with her husband, Erik and a one-eyed cat named Leela. She can be found spending her off time: hiking/exploring nature, traveling, attending concerts, or trying to finish editing her first novel!


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